Neil Cameron, P.Eng., M.B.A.VP of Solution Mining and Hydrocarbon Recovery, Grand Junction, Colorado

    Mr. Cameron has over 19 years’ experience as a petroleum engineer, including 14 years as a cavern engineer. Neil’s oil and gas expertise spans reservoir, production, drilling, and completions engineering roles working in coal bed methane, conventional natural gas, unconventional gas, light oil, heavy oil, and bitumen recovery. Neil’s hydrocarbon recovery includes miscible flooding oil using ethane and CO2, polymer flooding high-viscosity oils, surfactant flooding light oil, waterflooding, steam flooding bitumen, multi-stage horizontal hydraulic fracturing of tight gas, and unconventional oil reservoirs. Neil’s artificial lift experience includes gas lift, rod pumps, electrical submersible pumps, plunger lift, progressive cavity pumps, jet pumps, natural lift in high temperature, high pressure, and sour and corrosive environments. Neil has worked in Canada, USA, and the Congo.

    Neil’s cavern expertise includes bedded salts in Canada and the USA as well as domal salts in the USA and Mexico, reviewing or building salt caverns for storage of petroleum liquids, natural gas, air, hydrogen, and waste disposal. Neil’s roles encompass the life of a cavern including drilling, wash modeling, workovers, integrity testing, well interventions, and abandonment.

    Neil has 10 years management expertise including corporate financial modeling with forecasting and project management including operations supervision.

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