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Job Title: Project Mining Engineer

Job Location: Grand Junction, CO

Job Duties: Perform two-and three-dimensional rock mechanics stress/displacement analyses using various computer codes (e.g. Exparea, LaModel, UDEC, FLAC, and FLAC3D). Program computer code in various languages including FORTRAN, MS SQL Server, MS Visual Studio, Web Matrix, etc. Analyze spatial data and performance data and apply statistical trend analysis. Conduct mining reserve and resource estimations for surface and underground applications and geostatistical applications. Design laboratory rock mechanical properties testing programs; compile and present results.

Requirement: Master’s degree in Mining Engineering; plus 1 yrs. experience in performing two-and three-dimensional rock mechanics stress/displacement analyses using FLAC3D and the LaModel displacement discontinuity code; analyzing pillar stability using the NIOSH programs, ALPS, ARMPS, and ARBS; conducting subsidence analysis using CISPM and SDPS; analyzing research data using Minesight and Surfer; and coding parts of the LaModel program using Visual C++ and MS Visual Studio. P.E. license required.

To apply: Send resume to Agapito Associates, Inc., 715 Horizon Drive, Suite 340, Grand Junction, CO 81506. Must refer to Job Code #KL2019.

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