Project Feasibility

Agapito Associates, Inc. (AAI) offers a diversified and knowledgeable professional group with the necessary technical expertise, industry experience, and long-range vision to guide mining projects from their earliest conceptual stage through later-stage prefeasibility and feasibility studies.

AAI understands the critical issues and up-front risks that can launch or sink an underground, surface, or solution mining project right out of the gate.  AAI delivers value by getting to the key concerns quickly and providing realistic assessments for reliable decision making.  AAI has completed numerous front-end evaluations for clients in potash, copper, coal, trona, oil shale, gold, molybdenum, borate and other minerals.

For a closer look at Agapito Associates, Inc.’s work, please seen Kore Potash Plc’s recent press release regarding their Dougou Extension project Preliminary Feasibility and Production Target.

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