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Agapito Associates, Inc. (AAI) is proud of its staff of dedicated specialists and industry experts. Below is a sample of the latest happenings from within our company.

Is your engineering department’s main priority focused on the many short-term problems of your operation’s day-to-day activities? Are your long-term plans, projects, and operational improvements losing traction?

Our staff of Engineers and Geologists are waiting to help provide solutions to your issues. Representatives from our firm are attending the Solution Mining Research Institute (SMRI) Conference in April 2023 from the 24th thru the 26th. Eric Busch (President), Biao Qiu (Principal), and Brandon Lampe (Principal) would enjoy meeting and discussing your needs.

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Recently, four fake profiles were created on LinkedIn with persons claiming to be employees of Agapito Associates, Inc., they were Ali Rosan, Morgan Alesky, Alesky Morgan, and Jeffrey Cole.  They either claimed to be a business manager or sales manager.  Person(s) claiming to be Ali Rosan subsequently contacted many companies around the world offering to sell gold as a representative of Agapito Associates, Inc.

If you have been contacted by Ali Rosan or another of these others, this is a fraud.  These people were never employees of Agapito Associates, Inc.  We are a mining engineering consulting firm and do not produce or sell gold.

The FBI has been notified of this scam and Ali Rosan’s profile has been deleted from LinkedIn.  Morgan Alesky’s profile remains on LinkedIn, but all reference to employment with Agapito Associates, Inc. has been deleted.  The others have also been reported to LinkedIn as fake profiles.

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