Rodeo Underground Project

AAI conducted a backfill study for the Rodeo Underground Project for Barrick Goldstrike Mines. The project included a design review to assess the strength required for cemented rockfill and mix specifications to achieve the desired backfill strength for placement in drifts and stores for an underground mine under development in northern Nevada.  In addition, AAI compiled test data from mix samples prepared and tested by a commercial laboratory.

Assessment of the backfill strength requirements was accomplished through numeric modeling utilizing a two-dimensional elastic model incorporating properties of waste rock available at the mine site along with characterization data (RQD and RMR) representing the condition of the rock forming the stope walls and back.

Mix designs were proposed to achieve the strength of backfill indicated by the analyses. An interim report was issued regarding the backfill strength study. Additions of fly ash and other commercial admixtures were also incorporated into mix designs to evaluate the influence of these additives. The mine employs the backfill design comprised of crushed and sized waste rock used at the adjacent Meikle Mine.

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