Mining Engineering, Rock in the Box, November 1990
Author: Editorial by C. E. Brechtel (AAI)

The current “Crisis in the Gulf” has brought the need for a long-term U.S. energy policy back onto the national agenda. Publications of the oil industry now abound with calls for the development of an effective policy that avoids the mistakes of the past. Other industrial nations have developed and implemented policies to encourage conservation and development of alternative energy sources while discouraging the consumption of imported oil. Some of these nations have become dominant economic powers, while being almost totally dependent on imported oil. That suggests that a national energy policy can be effective and support an expansive economy. Given our current military confrontation in the Persian Gulf, our growing imports of crude oil, and our declining dominance in the world economy, continuation of the status quo could be risky business. . .

Downloadable PDF:  Risky Business

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