2002 SME Annual Meeting & Exhibit, February 25–27, Phoenix, Arizona
Authors: F. S. Kendorski (AAI)

Several startup or longtime underground stone mines have experienced unanticipated roof control difficulties due to the variable geologic character of the roof strata.  Careful mapping of roof conditions, and identification of controlling geologic and mine geometric factors, lead to an understanding of the mechanisms causing roof problems.  Factors such as unexpected rolls of the roof strata resulting in a gradual change from strong to weak roof; encountering open water-filled master joints; roof strata delamination due to internal water pressures; local karst features with mud, sand, and water hazards; and sudden loss of limestone roof due to paleo-channel erosion are some recent problems described.  Strategies for overcoming these problems are discussed and detailed.
Downloadable PDF:  Understanding and Solving Roof Control Problems in Stone Mines

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