American Soda, L.L.P. Agapito Associates, Inc. has been actively involved with the American Soda Project from 1997 through 2003. Major projects include:

  • Stability assessment of pilot test cavern for permit application
  • Design of subsurface solution mining plan
  • Design of solution well completion
  • Support in permit application to BLM, EPA, and affected counties
  • Core drilling (7 core holes), core logging, assay and resource/reserve evaluation of bankable document
  • Field support during drilling of 26 production wells
  • Well field layout
  • Design of pads and roads
  • Pilot test plan development
  • Groundwater monitoring plan
  • Subsurface monitoring plan
  • Subsidence assessment and monitoring plan
  • Review of well field performance
  • Development of heat and mass balance model for prediction of well performance

American Soda, L.L.P. operated a solution mine at the Yankee Gulch lease and processes the nahcolite to produce both soda ash and sodium bicarbonate.  AAI has been involved in characterization of the lease, design of well field layout, planning and interpretation of test mining, and support for permitting the project.  Six deep core holes were drilled; lithologic and structural logging of core, and laboratory testing of core at elevated temperatures completed; stability of proposed caverns/leach zones analyzed; and production well completion designs and well pad permits prepared.  The project completed an Environmental Impact Statement with start of construction of the commercial well field and plant slated for later in 1999.

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