Brandon Lampe, Ph.D., P.E.Principal, Grand Junction, Colorado

    As a geological engineer with over 10 years’ experience, Dr. Lampe works with clients to complete engineering studies and geologic evaluations related to solution-mined caverns, saltwater disposal wells, and UIC injection wells. Dr. Lampe has extensive experience designing and evaluating solution-mined caverns, monitoring and evaluating ground subsidence, and developing permit applications for solution-mined caverns. He is a registered professional engineer (petroleum) in South Dakota, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. He is also a member of the SMRI, ARMA, and SPE.

    Select Publications

    A Critical Look at the Nitrogen/Brine Interface Mechanical Integrity Test
    A Liquid-Liquid Mechanical Integrity Test Analysis that Implements a Fluid Equation of State
    A Modern Approach to Assessing the Integrity of a Natural Gas Storage Cavern
    Experimental Investigation of a Constitutive Model for the Thermo-Poro-Mechanical Deformation of Granular Salt Under Hydrostatic Compression
    Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Pore Pressure and Porosity on the Deformation of Granular Salt
    Gas Item Flow Measurements of Consolidating Crushed Salt
    Gas Permeability of Granular Salt During Consolidation
    Hydraulic Transients in Storage Caverns
    Influence of Pore Pressure on the Reconsolidation of Crushed Salt Under Hydrostatic Creep Conditions
    Maintaining Adequate Cavern Pressure during an Interrupted Leaching Operations
    Microscale Analysis Demonstrating the Significance of Shear and Porosity in Hydrostatic Compression of Porous Media
    Pitfalls of a Nitrogen-Brine Interface Mechanical Integrity Test
    Potential Influence of Granular Salt on Cavern Stability
    Thermal Modeling of a Mechanical Integrity Test on an Underground Storage Cavern

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