Highwall Mining

Agapito Associates, Inc. (AAI) personnel have the highwall mining experience and expertise to optimize coal recovery while promoting safety at your coal property.

AAI applies operational experience, empirical relationships, and numerical modeling analyses to develop designs that

  • Preserve highwall stability
  • Maximize recovery
  • Are operationally sound
  • Are readily acceptable to MSHA
Highwall Mining Operation
UDEC Highwall Analysis

Projects completed to date:

Company Mine State Country No. of Projects
Advanced Mining Technology Singareni Collieries Andhra Pradesh India 4
Colowyo Coal Company Colowyo Colorado USA 5
Black Butte Coal Company Black Butte Wyoming USA 2
Trapper Mining Company Trapper Colorado USA 1
Tata Steel Ltd. West Bokaro Jharkhand India 1
Chevron Mining McKinley New Mexico USA 1
Chevron Mining Kemmerer Wyoming USA 2
Bridger Coal Company Bridger Wyoming USA 3
Peabody Energy Seneca Colorado USA 1
Peabody Energy Lee Ranch New Mexico USA 1
Arch Coal Seminoe Wyoming USA 1
Arch Coal Elk Mountain Wyoming USA 1
Peabody Energy Big Sky Montana USA 1
Pen Coal Kiah Creek West Virginia USA 1

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Project Summaries & Publications: Highwall Mining

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