SME Annual Meeting and Exhibit, Las Vegas, Nevada, February 1989
Authors: L. A. Weakly (Exxon Company), C. E. Brechtel (AAI), N. Paas (Mine Craft, Inc.), and R. A. Skrabak (MSHA)

The requirement for large diesel equipment to be certified for operation in potential gassy mine conditions in western oil shale mines motivated a design engineering project to develop a dry exhaust conditioner system to replace traditional wet scrubber technology. A dry exhaust conditioner for a 600-hp diesel engine was designed and fabricated for retrofitting into a 600-hp underground haul truck. The engine conditioner package was taken through a simulated certification process at the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Approval and Certification Center to refine test procedures and to uncover any flaws in the dry exhaust conditioner technology. The engine/exhaust system was then installed in an underground haul truck to demonstrate mine-worthiness of the system. No inherent features were discovered that would prevent the system from meeting test requirements. However, the tests did point out several deficiencies in the prototype design.

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