AAI provided the drilling services, installation, supervision, and engineering for three inclinometer installations at the Homestake Mining Company Pitch open-pit uranium mine in Saguache County, Colorado.  Two of the boreholes were drilled using a tri-cone bit and casing advancer, and the third drilled using HX coring tools.  Borehole depth ranged from 150 to 300 feet.  SINCO 2.75-inch “QC” type inclinometer casing was installed in the 3.75-inch-diameter boreholes.  The inclinometer casing grooves were oriented to align with the principal direction of slope movement.  The casing was grouted with neat cement containing 5% bentonite using a grout shoe and a tremie line inside the casing.  The casings were extended approximately 4 feet above ground surface and protected by 6-inch ID steel pipes set into concrete and fitted with locking covers.


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