In today’s regulatory climate, proper mine planning and design to reduce the impact of subsidence is critical. Agapito Associates, Inc. (Agapito) has the expertise to plan and design mines in order to reduce the impacts of subsidence at subsurface and ground surface.

Agapito employs engineers whose geotechnical experience lies in projects requiring expertise in geology and soil/rock mechanics which relates to subsidence forecasting.  Our staff have completed numerous subsidence forecasts and evaluations for planned solution mines as well as planned and active operating mines to assess potential subsidence impacts on near-surface pipelines and cables, roadways and roadway structures, and other natural gas assets. We use two- and three-dimensional Finite-Difference codes (such as FLAC2D and FLAC3D) as well as Influence Function codes (BASIN – Agapito’s proprietary subsidence prediction software and Surface Deformation Prediction System (SDPS) for Windows).  Agapito has been comparing measured subsidence (when available) with predicted subsidence.  A typical example is the study conducted by Agapito at the SUFCO Coal Mine, Utah.  Agapito also has been installing instruments for subsidence monitoring.


  • Subsidence prediction
  • Calibrating measured subsidence for prediction
  • Comparing measured (when available) with predicted subsidence
  • Mine layout, planning, and sequencing
  • Incorporating temperature and effects of creep in subsidence prediction
  • Developing subsidence monitoring plans
  • Estimating the impact of subsidence on well casings
  • Estimating the effect of subsidence on surface and subsurface structures
  • Installing instruments for subsidence monitoring
dark-green water-filled sinkhole with surrounding red-colored rock formations and pine forests
Subsidence Sinkhole
Subsidence profile from BASIN

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